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Our custom lead generation programs are designed to boost revenue
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Our integrated nurturing strategies convert leads into sales-ready opportunities
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Our market targeting services provide quality data to power your campaigns
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Lead Generation

TeleNet delivers qualified leads that will positively impact your company’s revenue.
Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Our human-touch nurturing methodology engages your prospects until they are “sales ready.”

Market Targeting

TeleNet can help to pinpoint your market sweet spots and refine your marketing database.

TeleNet Marketing

TeleNet is the lead generation and lead nurturing company that was built around a single idea: giving you valuable information you can trust. Keeping this promise is how we’ve helped national and international brands grow their businesses. Read our client testimonials to learn more.

Recent Articles

TeleNet celebrates 15 years

TeleNet Marketing Celebrates 15 Years

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In October 1999, Gregg Garrett, Jay Burgdorf and Kathy Rizzo started TeleNet Marketing Solutions as the company’s only employees, equipped with a short list of leads, a 1,200-square-foot call...
A Teleprospecting Lead Generation Pilot: Why invest the time?

Three Reasons Marketers Should Invest Time in a Teleprospecting Pilot Program

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Many marketing organizations are enlisting the services of third-party teleservice providers to drive qualified sales-ready leads via teleprospecting. And whether teleprospecting is a new...

Recent Blogs

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Lead Generation Trends in Latin America

Lead Generation Trends in Latin America

In previous blog posts, we have highlighted the best strategies to keep in mind when teleprospecting in LATAM (Teleprospecting to Latin America? Must Read Tips). We’ve showcased the substantially...
Strong and Focused Open Ended Questions in Teleprospecting

The Importance of Strong and Focused Open Ended Questions in Teleprospecting

As Britney Bailey discussed in her blog Teleprospecting: Using Open Ended Questions to Drive the Conversation , the key to a great teleprospecting conversation is asking questions that get your...

TeleNet works with companies that specialize in hardware, software, IT services, telecommunications, and financial services. We have expertise with targeted lead generation in Enterprise and SMB markets across multiple industries. Learn more about our clients.


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Three Pillars of Success

  • Proven Experience

    Leverage more than 15 years of experience exclusively focused on the business-to-business market. TeleNet has conducted countless lead generation campaigns and lead nurturing initiatives into Enterprise and SMB markets within nearly every vertical. Benefit from our three-tiered organizational structure, which allows TeleNet to effectively execute both your tactical and strategic teleprospecting initiatives.
  • Collaborative Approach

    Our lead generation campaigns work because of our collaborative approach. When we combine our expertise with yours, we get far better results. See how much better your lead generation campaign can be when you work with a company that listens before it leaps.
  • Return on Investment

    At TeleNet, we believe that measuring Return on Investment is an essential part of every lead generation and lead nurturing program. That's why we find it critical to discuss ROI expectations with our clients and implement the necessary processes to ensure sales and marketing alignment.